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Cisco Migration Incentive Program (MIP)

Are you planning to upgrade your Cisco phones in the near future but worried about the length, complexity and cost of the project?

Then we have some good news;

All Cisco Customers can get a FREE 1 year site license for MigrationFX from Cisco when they Trade-In 100 old Cisco IP phones and purchase 100 new Cisco IP phones via the Cisco Migration Incentive Program (MIP).

The MIP Program additional discounts are available to all Customers from either Cisco or Cisco Resellers. Full details, including discounts and how to register for the MIP program can be found HERE.

Resellers and customers can get more information on MigrationFX by going to the Cisco MIP Portal and MigrationFX is in the Migration Tools section HERE

NOTE: A CISCO.COM login is required to access the MIP program details.

This short video demo of MigrationFX shows how easy it can be to migrate from old Cisco phones to new Cisco phones the fast and easy way.


Instructions for Resellers to order the MIP / MigrationFX FREE License Promotion in CCW
1) When creating your Quote/Deal in CCW go to “Incentives” scroll down (its near the bottom) and under “Migration” select either “Competitive” or “Cisco Migration”
2) You will then be asked a series of questions about the number and Endpoints you are migrating to and from. Please make sure this is 100 or greater.
3) On completion of the questionnaire and returning to the Quote/Deal, you will need to add the Free of Charge SKU item L-CP-MGFX-PROMO=   the quantity should be 1.
4) Add in the type and quantity of new Endpoints that you are purchasing, this should be 100 or greater
5) Select the “Trade-In” items tab and add in the “Cisco Products” or “Competitive Products” that you are trading in, this should be 100 or greater.
6) Complete the quote as normal.
7) The End User Customer details (Including email address) must be supplied to facilitate licence key delivery and support.
8) The order will be checked for T&C compliance and validity by Cisco and if the criteria are met will be approved by Cisco.
9) Once approved you will be provided with a PAK by e-delivery for the End User Customer, please register the PAK at Cisco.com Product License Registration.
10) The MigrationFX licence keys will be supplied direct to the End User Customer

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MigrationFX Cisco MIP

If you are interested in finding out more about the Cisco MIP program or MigrationFX please fill your details in here
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More Information for Resellers and Customers (NOTE: A Cisco.Com login is required to access the MIP program details)
To get the FREE MigrationFX customer site license for 1 year under the Cisco MIP Trade-In program then the first step for a customer is to engage a Cisco Reselling Partner who is enrolled in the Cisco MIP.
Resellers can get more information by going to the Cisco MIP Portal (requires resellers login details) and MigrationFX is in the Migration Tools section http://refreshcollab.cisco.com/webportal/46/migration-tools/true
This portal outlines some commonly answered questions about the Cisco Collaborate Everywhere Program that you might find useful http://refreshcollab.cisco.com/webportal/home