cisco phone endpoint management, allowing advanced manipulation of one, many or all phones.

User Interface and Visualisation

  • Simple & Intuitive
  • Automated Grouping of Phones
  • Quick & Simple filtering
  • Visualise one, many or all phones
  • Familiar interface design
  • Zoom in/out of phone screens
  • Import and Select Images to push to phone background
  • Historical log of interactions with all phones

Remote Control

  • Near Real-Time interaction with remote phone(s)
  • See exactly what the user sees
  • Press any phone button remotely
  • Control one, many or all phones at once
  • Send text messages to multiple phones
  • Extensive List of Phone Commands
  • Create/Use Command Macros
  • Advanced queueing for optimal delivery of phone commands

Asset & State Management

  • Gather Phone details (i.e. Switch, Port & Serial details)
  • Export asset and state information
  • Gather and manipulate login state
  • Bulk Management of Login State
  • Migrate users to Extension Mobility
  • Granular Management of Firmware Upgrades
  • QoS Performance Monitoring
  • Security By Default (SBD) health check (find specific Phones with ITL/CTL Errors)

PhoneView is based on a simple and intuitive user interface that make managing one, many or all IP Phones easy. PhoneView includes the most extensive set of features available anywhere for IP Phone Endpoint management. With PhoneView you may 'Never Need to Send an Engineer to Site Again'.

The flexibility of PhoneView makes a number of scenarios quicker and easier:

  • Bulk Delete of ITL\CTL Files
  • Corporate Branding/Bulk Background Push
  • Handset Deployment
  • System/Application Testing
  • Remote Support/Training
  • Inventory and Auditing
  • Firmware Upgrades
  • SRST Testing
  • Bulk Update of Phone Settings
  • Complex Migrations\Upgrades

Critically, most phone-related issues (other than physical phone faults) that would previously have required a site visit can now be handled remotely, eliminating almost all remote site call-outs and therefore providing unparallelled return on investment (ROI).

For further information review the PhoneView Data Sheet