MigrationFX – a Certified Cisco Compatible product

MigrationFX is the only Endpoint Migration software to have Cisco Compatible certification and has attained this status for CUCM 9.0, 10.0, 11.0, 12.0.

MigrationFX is a certified Cisco Compatible product that has completed full Interoperability Verification Testing (IVT) as such you can be confident of it’s performance and applicability with your Cisco CUCM software. This is important should you have any CUCM issues in the future as UnifiedFX and Cisco TAC will work cooperatively to identify and resolve unidentified root cause issues. UnifiedFX and Cisco TAC will resolve the issues in their respective product as appropriate.


Easy, Fast & Simple Phone Migrations

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Try MigrationFX In Your Lab For FREE!

We are pleased to give you a fully functional license for the Lab Edition of MigrationFX absolutely FREE

FREE Lab Edition  allows you to trial and test just how simple MigrationFX can make old to new Cisco phone transitions. This version will support up to 50 phones and is designed to allow you to setup your lab and become familiar with the admin interface and how MigrationFX operates to make phone migration very simple indeed.

Note that Cisco have a promotion in their MIP Program that offers a site licence for full production MigrationFX FREE with the purchase of 100 Cisco IP Phones.
Click below to discover how to get full production licence MigrationFX for FREE on the Cisco MIP Program !
Cisco MIP / MigrationFX for FREE


Don’t have a LAB to try MigrationFX ?

Don’t worry you can still try out Migration FX as this Lab Edition software will also work in your production environment. The software will access the first 50 phones that it finds registered in CUCM.  If you are using this license in a production environment  you can also specify an additional 10 phones from anywhere in the network by specifying their MAC addresses (note: these should include the old phones and new phones).

This will allow you to work on the additional 10 phones with MigrationFX and see just how easy, fast and simple it is to undertake endpoint migrations and refreshes. Please note that if you wish to try migrations from pairs of old to new phones  your additional 10 phones must include the Mac address of both the Old Phone and the New Phone to allow the migration. 

If you apply for your license but don’t initially specify additional Mac address we can still add them for you. Just sending a request with the new Mac address to licensing@unifiedfx.com.

If you would like to request a MigrationFX free trial please contact our team click here  


Cisco Migration Incentive Program (MIP) – Get MigrationFX For FREE

Are you planning to upgrade your Cisco phones in the near future but worried about the length, complexity and cost of the project?

Then we have some good news;

All Cisco Customers can get a FREE 1 year site license for MigrationFX from Cisco when they Trade-In 100 old Cisco IP phones and purchase 100 new Cisco IP phones via the Cisco Migration Incentive Program (MIP).

The MIP Program additional discounts are available to all Customers from either Cisco or Cisco Resellers. Full details, including discounts and how to register for the MIP program can be found HERE.

Resellers and customers can get more information on MigrationFX by going to the Cisco MIP Portal and MigrationFX is in the Migration Tools section HERE

NOTE: A CISCO.COM login is required to access the MIP program details.

For More Information, please check : Cisco Migration Incentive Program (MIP)

Click below to try our Free Lab / Trial Edition !

MigrationFX Cisco MIP

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