Bulk ITL File Delete, Bulk CTL File Delete

PhoneView ITL File Delete – the FASTEST way to bulk delete ITL files and CTL files and solve ITL File and CTL File issues.

As of CUCM Version 8.0, Cisco has implemented Security by Default (SBD). With SBD it is mandatory that every Cisco Phone should obtain an Identity Trust List (ITL) File. An ITL File is a smaller version of a Certificate Trust List (CTL) File. ITL Files is like CTL files but they do not need any security feature to be explicitly enabled.

An ITL file is not a replacement for a CTL file, but it is required for initial security so that endpoints can trust the CUCM. ITL file is created automatically when the cluster is installed on server.

PhoneView ITL Delete is the FASTEST way to bulk delete ITL files and CTL files remotely which allows a user to resolve ITL files and CTL files issues in just a few clicks. PhoneView ITL Delete is perfect for Cisco engineers who need a multi cluster, customer specific licence that can be used whenever ITL files and CTL files issues occur. PhoneView ITL Delete allows engineers to identify all ITL files and CTL files status and delete invalid ITL files and CTL files from one or all Cisco phones remotely.

PhoneView is the ONLY Endpoint Management software to have Cisco Compatible certification and has attained this status for CUCM 9.0, 10.0, 11.0, 12.0.

PhoneView is a certified Cisco Compatible product that has completed full Interoperability Verification Testing (IVT) as such you can be confident of it’s performance and applicability with your Cisco CUCM software. This is important should you have any CUCM issues in the future as UnifiedFX and Cisco TAC will work cooperatively to identify and resolve unidentified root cause issues. UnifiedFX and Cisco TAC will resolve the issues in their respective product as appropriate.

NOTE: PhoneView is now embedded by Cisco in the CCIE Collabv2 Syllabus and Exam for Endpoint Management. This is great for you if you are studying for a CCIE qualification as you can use PhoneView everyday in your operational environment.

Bulk ITL Delete, Bulk CTL Delete

Need a fast, easy and certain way to bulk delete ITL/CTL files every time?
ITL Delete from UnifiedFX takes our ITL Scanner product one step further and not only allows you to find exactly where all your ITL files and CTL files problems are but also bulk delete and resolve all your ITL and CTL issues with the press of one button.

We have a limited time offer for clients with up to 3000 physical configured Cisco phones in the CUCM across all clusters that wish to resolve their ITL issues without the need to purchased the additional functionality of full scale PhoneView.

In addition, should you at some point in the future realise that full PhoneView is what you need then your initial investment in ITL Delete will be deducted for any future purchase of PhoneView at an equivalent licence increment or greater. So your investment in UnifiedFX product is always fully protected.

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Purchase ITL Delete for 3000 phones ($2399)
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ITL Delete is ideal for  engineers that need a multi cluster, customer specific licence that can be used whenever ITL/CTL issues occur. It is ideal to solve ITL/CTL problems associated with security by default, all that is required is a single button press to bulk delete all problem files.

Should any phones be configured with a “Local Phone Unlock Password” then a full PhoneView Engineer or Enterprise license will be required to bulk delete ITL/CTL files on these phones.

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Sample Reports

PhoneView ITL Edition Sample
ITL Delete Report Example
ITL Delete Inventory Example

System Requirements:

PhoneView ITL Delete is a client application that installs on Microsoft Windows operating systems.

To run PhoneView ITL Delete you will need a minimum specification which you can find on our primary PhoneView product page here.


Infrastructure Requirements

PhoneView ITL Delete is compatible with the widest range of Unified Communications Manager versions and Cisco IP Phones.

A full list of tested CUCM versions / Phone models can be found on our primary PhoneView product page here.