AutomationFX SDK – Faster Collab Development

AutomationFX SDK is a development platform (API) designed to ease the complexity of writing bespoke applications for the Cisco collaboration environment.

Cisco Collaboration is an excellent communications and productivity solution.

It is possible to extend the standard feature set to meet additional business needs through bespoke applications. However, the application interfaces provided for such developments can be cumbersome and complex due to multiple different protocol interactions required by the Cisco systems.

Accordingly, developers not only need to have core development skills, but they also have to have specific knowledge and understanding of Cisco technology and the APIs  they need to interface with. This is a highly specialised and infrequently found developer skillset.

For example, to write and application for CUCM would require the developer not only to have an understanding of E.G. Python but also need to understand the legacy APIs in CUCM of AXL, CTI, EM, RIS and have to deal with:

• Mixed/Older Software Architecture
• Variable Security/Access Control/Audit
• Typically, on premise only integration
• Proprietary closed interfaces.
• High complexity and cost.

The above is not a skillset that the general web development community typically has. This means that the general web developer community who are only familiar with modern web APIs (REST, HTTP, Etc) cannot easily write applications for Cisco telephony.

Therefore there is a barrier in developing these Cisco Collaboration applications in terms of time, cost and complexity, which is a significant challenge.


To reduce the complexity, time and cost of developing Cisco Collaboration applications AutomationFX SDK provides a middleware platform that allows ease of programming in a simple, standard and widely understood way. This removes the barrier to development of bespoke applications which can be tailored to exact business needs and complement the investment in Cisco collaboration systems.

AutomationFX SDK provides one standard programming interface which then automatically translates the application instructions into the multiple and complex protocols required to interface directly to the Cisco collaboration systems.

Find out more about AutomationFX SDK below.

A full curated list of AutomationFX SDK resources for Developers can be found here;

A Python library for the AutomationFX SDK REST API can be found here;

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The following case studies provide examples of what can be achieved using the new AutomationFX API.

Gehr AutomationFX SDK Case Study;

The Gehr case study to the right documents a bespoke Contact Center agent management system that allows agents to be monitored and also coached while on live calls using technique such as “Whisper” or “Barge” to bring a customer engagement to a successful conclusion.


Qwasi demo showing Cisco desk phone screen pops using AutomationFX SDK;

View this this video to see how AutomationFX can be used to enhance the Cisco desk phone. Working with our partner Quasi it shows how the Cisco desk phone can be used as display for screen pop ups in a customers retail journey.


System Specification
To run AutomationFX SDK you will need a minimum specification which you can find here.