Cisco Phone Endpoint Management

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Save money and never need to send an Engineer to site again

Managing Cisco IP telephones often requires a visit to the handset, or at the very least, a request to the user of the handset to perform a sequence of key presses. This is because around 80% of the management of Cisco handsets is through the Call Manager web interface and 20% on the handset itself. It’s the 20% that can cost a great deal of money in terms of time, travel and communications. PhoneView addresses this overhead by providing a way to control multiple (‘000s if you so choose) handsets remotely as opposed to clumsy single point single handset remote control tools that attempt to emulate real bulk control – but fail.

In fact PhoneView will remove the need to physically touch the phone, saving travel time and costs, making the management of the Cisco handsets a much easier, more cost effective, proposition.

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Instant View of Contact Center Activity

Do you manage a Cisco contact Center? Are you looking for a solution to get a more detailed second by second view of what is happening?


Welcome to WallboardFX. WallboardFX re-invents how wallboards operate by leveraging the latest web technologies.

Providing an instant view of Contact Center activity. View and monitor your performance as a whole, by team or by agent from anywhere in the world. View on a Large Screen Display, PC, tablet, mobile or even a Smart TV, as long as you have a browser you can be connected. Our data updates are the fastest in the industry, presented to all connected displays simultaneously.

No more engineers required to re-configure displays or systems. Remotely configure displays using our user friendly, central management interface. With our very simple self-install procedure, you can be up and running in less than 5 minutes.

From the smallest Helpdesk to the largest Contact Center, Wallboard FX is ideal for real time management of your mission critical business functions and SLA’s.

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Fast and Easy Cisco Phone Migrations

Get MigrationFX For Free on the Cisco TMP program – See below

Do you have a large estate of Cisco Collaboration phones? Are you looking for a solution to help you manage the replacement of phones?

This 90 second video animation shows how easy it is with MigrationFX to migrate from old Cisco phones to new Cisco phones.

Perhaps you have some older phones that are out of support and need replaced? Maybe you have occasional phone failures and need to replace them quickly and efficiently? Or it may be that you have a program to roll out Cisco’s terrific new phones to your users?
Cisco’s new range of telephones are full of fantastic features; wide-band audio, intelligent proximity for voice and content and high resolution video. Add the attractive trade in offers and there has never been a better time to upgrade to the latest technology putting you ahead of your competition. Are the thought of migration costs such as engineers, data upload, down time and configuration holding you back?

Worry no more With MigrationFX you simply dispatch the phones to the users en-masse, each user then unplugs the old phone and plugs in the new phone.

There is no need for;

* Engineers on site
* Individual Phone Configuration
* Sending specific phone to specific individual
* Collecting mac addresses
* Uploading data files to CUCM

MigrationFX auto detects that the phone has been replaced and moves across the configuration of the old phone, including speed dials, services and button templates to the new phone.

MigrationFX allows you to migrate to Cisco’s latest phone technology today — the fast and easy way!

Note that Cisco have a promotion in their TMP Program that offers a site licence for full production MigrationFX FREE for one year.
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