Simplifying the conversion between Android and CE for the Cisco DX70 & DX80

MigrationDX is a sub-product of our MigrationFX solution that makes the conversion to the new Collaboration Endpoint (CE) Operating System for the DX70 & DX80 very simple. The Android and CE versions of the DX endpoints appear to CUCM as different model types (i.e. Cisco DX70 for Android and Cisco TelePresence DX70 for CE).

The following Video shows how to install and use MigrationDX:

When converting from Android to CE, MigrationDX provides the ability to monitor the firmware download and registration status of the DX endpoints, then once they are running the CE operating system as they appear as a different model (but the same MAC Address) MigrationDX provides the ability to convert one or more Cisco DX devices to Cisco TelePresence DX in a single operation. The conversion between models leverages the existing capability of MigrationFX to convert from one model type while maintaining device associated information.