PhoneView ITL File Scanner – The FASTEST way to detect ITL issues !

PhoneView ITL Scanner is the FASTEST way to scan your whole phone estate, no matter how many phones you have. It allows users to identify ITL related problems and issues with pin point accuracy.

In addition to manual investigation of ITL problems and issues, ITL scanner allows users to fully scan a cluster and generate a complete status report. This report includes full asset and inventory data which can be exported as required.

PhoneView is the ONLY Endpoint Management software to have Cisco Compatible certification and has attained this status for CUCM 9.0, 10.0, 11.0, 12.0.

PhoneView is a certified Cisco Compatible product that has completed full Interoperability Verification Testing (IVT) as such you can be confident of it’s performance and applicability with your Cisco CUCM software. This is important should you have any CUCM issues in the future as UnifiedFX and Cisco TAC will work cooperatively to identify and resolve unidentified root cause issues. UnifiedFX and Cisco TAC will resolve the issues in their respective product as appropriate.

NOTE: PhoneView is now embedded by Cisco in the CCIE Collabv2 Syllabus and Exam for Endpoint Management. This is great for you if you are studying for a CCIE qualification as you can use PhoneView everyday in your operational environment.

How to obtain PhoneView ITL Scanner for Free


ITL Scanner is a unique application from Unified FX that provides a small subset of full PhoneView functionality.

It is designed to perform just a few, but very important tasks …. but do them very well indeed.

ITL Scanner will allow you to scan your whole phone estate, no matter how many phones you have, and report back with pin point accuracy if you have any pesky ITL issues !

In fact it’s better than that! ITL Scanner will not only identify if you have any ITL issues it will also tell you about the status of your entire estate. This Includes a full asset and inventory data export. SEE ATTACHED SAMPLE REPORTS FOR DETAILS.

With regard to ITL issues, with ITL Scanner you will then have the option of manually addressing the problem on each phone or purchase ITL Delete if you are a small to medium VoIP system with less than 3000 phones or the scaleable full version PhoneView if you have more than 3000 phones. NOTE that with either version there is no limit on the clusters in the VoIP system only the number of phones. For example, you can have 3000 phones and 3 clusters and ITL Delete will handle all of your ITL issues and eliminate all your problem ITL files at the press of a Single Button.

It’s that easy to get a full status report on your endpoint estate and to completely remove any risk of ITL issues to your upgrade or project there by eliminating  hours of expensive manual intervention and cost.

For a limited period Unified FX are making this totally unique tool completely FREE of charge!

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Sample Reports

PhoneView ITL Edition Sample
ITL Scanner Report Example
ITL Scanner Inventory Example