UnifiedFX Announces the Launch of NotificationFX

Unified FX Ltd is proud to announce the release of the latest Cisco VoIP endpoint enhancement product

Based on strong customer demand for urgent communication over Cisco VoIP endpoints in escalating scenarios, NotificationFX brings new levels of reach and affordability to the market.

Specifically, NotificationFX is a web based notification and paging application that allows Audio/Text/Paging messages to dynamic phone/speaker destinations from multiple sources (XML Service on a phone / Web Browser on any platform).

NotificationFX is a standalone product that can also be used with PhoneView our market leading Cisco Endpoint Management application suite.

NotificationFX Highlights

* Text/Audio messages to Cisco phones
* Live paging to speakers
* Send from multiple sources to device pools/locations/regions/Etc.

For further details please email sales@unifiedfx.com

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