UnifiedFX Previews AutomationFX API in PhoneView.

Automation and Programmability for CUCM

Unified FX Ltd is proud to present a preview of the latest enhancement to PhoneView

We will very shortly be exposing some APIs in PhoneView that will allow you to program to CUCM very easily.
Some of the opportunities that this will offer are as follows;

Automate/Script PhoneView – AutomationFX provides the ability to automate the core features of PhoneView

CTI Screen Pop-up – Push customer details automatically when a call arrives

Messaging – Send/Receive messages to/from Cisco Phones and cloud services

Provisioning – Automate CUCM configuration updates and integrate with existing workflows
Cloud Enable Cisco UC – Built-in “Cloud Connector” (CloudFX) that securely expose the AutomationFX REST API to cloud services (i.e. IFTTT, Zapier, built.io, hook.io)

Automated Testing – Perform and validate test calls automatically

Open Interface – AutomationFX exposes a clean, simple and interactive REST API to CUCM

Language Independent – Create your logic using any language or scripting environment (i.e. Python, JavaScript, C#)

AutomationFX Community Resource – Awesome AutomationFX: https://github.com/unifiedfx/awesome-automationfx

If you have an interest in this kind of automation capability with CUCM then AutomationFX is definitely for you!

Contact sales@unifiedfx.com for more information.

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