WallboardFX 4.1 Pre-Announcement

The Best Cisco UCCX Wallboard is about to get Even Better

UnifiedFX, the leader in Cisco VoIP End Point and UCCX Agent Management will shortly be announcing WallboardFX 4.1 .

WallboardFX is a certified Cisco Compatible product that has completed full Interoperability Verification Testing (IVT) as such you can be confident of it’s performance and applicability with your UCXX software.

The IVT program is important for both Cisco Developer Network members, and customers. It unites Cisco and UnifiedFX to deliver tested interoperable solutions to joint customers.

Faced with a choice between tested and un-tested products customers may prefer the product that has gone through IVT.

In WallboardFX Version 4.1, which will be shipping very soon, we are announcing 

* SLA Percentage

* Calls Answer rate or Calls Handled Percentage

* Threshold Alert Tone – With option to set for individual displays.

* Agent View New Parameters

* Total Hold Time

* Average Hold Duration

* Longest Hold Duration

* Average Speed of Answer


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