Cisco Softphone and Physical Phone Non Disruptive Call Testing added to PhoneView Ver 7.0

Non Disruptive Call Testing using Virtual Softphones to Emulate Endpoints

PhoneView can now facilitate additional, non End User associated endpoints, to provide testing devices which do not interfere with user calling activity all from a single PC.

For example;

  • Provides a single solution for interactive testing
  • Eliminate the need for multiple PC’s or physical devices when testing
  • Test multiple Cisco Jabber user devices together
  • Test advanced features (i.e. Monitor & Record)
  • Perform complex dial-plan and feature tests
  • Test audio/video calls between clusters
  • No need to reconfigure your own personal Cisco Jabber instance
  • Place test calls into Voice Mail & IVR systems, for example Cisco UCCX Contact Centre

Included in your PhoneView version 7.0 license will be a single virtual phone which will allow you to register a Cisco Jabber endpoint locally for testing. Should you wish to extend your testing capabilities and build more sophisticated test scenarios you will be able to optionally purchase additional virtual phone capacity.

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