Cisco Softphone Remote Control now in PhoneView Ver 7.0

Remote Phone Control of Cisco Softphones (Cisco Jabber & IPC) from within PhoneView

We have embedded Cisco Jabber inside PhoneView and are able to register multiple Jabber instances on a single PC. So, it is now possible to use PhoneView to register and control multiple endpoints (across multiple clusters if required) on CUCM, literally no need for Physical phones, just a single PC running PhoneView.

The new PhoneView licensing model will accommodate a matching Softphone count for every physical end point purchased. For example, if you purchase a PhoneView 10,000 phone license you will also received a matching 10,000 Softphones at no additional charge.

This will enable you to;

  • Work with physical and softphones together in a single interface
  • Deliver remote assistance and testing for softphones without the need for exposing a full PC desktop
  • Offer Multi Cluster support, register Cisco Jabber intances with different CUCM systems
  • Register multiple “real” Cisco Jabber instances on a single PC, each instance is a full controllable CTI endpoint
  • Support two way Audio and Video calling for each Cisco Jabber Instance
  • Have the ability to register any users Cisco Jabber device locally
    • Test users Cisco Jabber device when user offline
    • Test/Validate 3rd party call control/applications
    • Avoid re-configuring personal Cisco Jabber instance
    • Inject/Record Audio/Video (Standard Windows App)

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