PhoneView 7.1 introduces AutomationFX SDK – Launch Event

UnifiedFX Ltd is pleased to introduce the latest major release of PhoneView

PhoneView 7.1 introduces AutomationFX SDK which will allow customers to write their own automation for CUCM

AutomationFX SDK is a development platform designed to ease complexity, it simplifies the Cisco API knowledge and skill required to write CUCM automation solutions for cloud services (Salesforce, Zapier, WebEx, Zendesk, Etc).

AutomationFX SDK provides a single standard programming interface.

This interface automatically translates application instructions into the complex protocols required to interface directly with the Cisco collaboration systems.

PhoneView 7.1 Features

  • AutomationFX SDK
  • Role based Access Policies for AutomationFX Platform
  • Restrict by User, Group or Application
    • PhoneFX
    • NotificationFX
    • AutomationFX SDK
  • User Audit Reporting including support for Syslog

You can register for the launch event HERE

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