UCCX Agent Remote Control & Non-Disruptive Testing now in PhoneView Ver 7.0

Remote Phone Control of UCCX Agents from within PhoneView

PhoneView version 7.0 has the ability to control UCCX Agents from inside PhoneView and is able to register multiple UCCX Agents on a single PC.  This can be used to facilitate testing with operational contact centre agents in real time.  The new PhoneView licensing model by default will allow control of 10 configured agents and additional agents can be purchased if required.

This will enable you to;

  • See real time agent state
  • Login or logout any agent
  • Set the state of any agent
  • Support multiple UCCX systems and high availability
  • Listen in to agents remotely

Non Disruptive Agent Testing using emulated UCCX Agents

Using the Virtual Softphones facility within PhoneView we can now also provide registering and control of virtual Contact Center Agents to provide non intrusive testing of agent Contact Center functionality.

Included in your PhoneView version 7.0 license will be a single virtual agent which will allow you to register one agent locally for testing. Should you wish to extend your testing capabilities and build more sophisticated test scenarios you will be able to optionally purchase additional virtual agent capacity.

This will enable you to;

  • Perform End-to-End testing of your UCCX Systems
  • Validate & Test UCCX Scripts and their Interactions
  • Test ACD & Agent “Skills Based Routing”
  • Test Queue Overflow
  • Test Supervisor operations
  • Test UCCX Monitor/Recording systems/components
  • Avoid the need for multiple PCs or physical devices when testing
  • Avoid the need to login multiple Finesse browser sessions

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