UnifiedFX Announces the launch of PhoneView Version 6.0

Unified FX Ltd is proud to announce our latest major release of PhoneView

PhoneView 6.0 introduces an embedded web based single phone remote control tool called PhoneFX that is ideal for Help Desk and training scenarios. It can be used with PhoneView or as a standalone.

In addition we have enhanced the Notification feature in PhoneView to include Audio/Text/Paging messages to dynamic phone destinations and speakers from multiple sources (XML Service / Web Browser)

PhoneView 6.0 Highlights

* Includes PhoneFX (web based single phone remote control)

* One button installation of PhoneFX/AutomationFX

* Automatic configuration of PhoneFX using existing PhoneView config

* PhoneView/PhoneFX integration (right-click phone and control)

PhoneFX Highlights

* Ultimate Single Phone Control

* 100% Web based, no plugins

* Desktop level responsiveness (leveraging HTML5)

* Use on a PC, Tablet or Phone

* Can be used along with PhoneView or stand alone

* Intuitive phone ‘skins’ that closely resemble each phone model

* Simple and Flexible searching/filtering of devices

* Bookmark PhoneFX URLs to easily return to specific devices

* Efficient real-time synchronisation with CUCM phone details

* Multi-cluster CTI Integration supporting mixed CUCM versions

* Powered by AutomationFX (same platform used by MigrationFX)

NotificationFX Highlights

* Text/Audio messages to Cisco phones

* Live paging to speakers

* Send from multiple sources to device pools/locations/regions/Etc.


For further details please email sales@unifiedfx.com

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